Issue with rotated normal maps

Hi all. We have this issue with rotated normal maps (as you can see in the image that some bricks are reflecting the light, and some don’t), for some parts of the building they are simply facing the wrong way.

We have checked it, and the faces are all flipped the same direction. We’re using Blender and there’s an option to rotate normal map for selected faces and it seems that it helps but we have actually no control over it, and we simply can’t see in which direction it is currently rotated.

Anyone know what might be causing this behavior? Any guidance would be highly appreciated

Are you exporting to glTF? If so, can you please share the glb in this thread? Is it also possible to share the blend file?

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@Mugen87 yes we’re exporting to glTF. Uploading the files now (will be posted soon). Thanks a lot

We exported the whole model once again - and guess what… it started to work just fine now. Whole wall is reflecting the light now. My only guess now is that maybe we moved the source of light back then, the way that it was intersecting the wall and maybe that’s where this invisible line where coming from. Either way. It’s working now. Thanks for you quick reply in any case!

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