Issue for days: fbx load issue. I've tried everything. No clue how to solve it

I’ve been banging my head against the wall on this one. I think it’s something to do with the files themselves, but I cannot figure out why.

here is the repo that I am emulating for learning purposes: ThreeJS_Tutorial_ThirdPersonCamera/main.js at db57090ac5e5a05102121401d47dae6b05fedf2e · simondevyoutube/ThreeJS_Tutorial_ThirdPersonCamera · GitHub

Here is the video that explains:

and here is the error:

Error: THREE.FBXLoader: Cannot find the version number for the file given.
at getFbxVersion (FBXLoader.js:3970)
at FBXLoader.parse (FBXLoader.js:135)
at Object.onLoad (FBXLoader.js:97)
at XMLHttpRequest.<anonymous> (three.module.js:34701)

Here are my dependencies:

 "devDependencies": {
"parcel": "^1.12.4",
"parcel-plugin-static-files-copy": "^2.6.0"

“dependencies”: {
“jsm”: “^0.0.1”,”: “^4.0.1”,
“static”: “^2.0.0”,
“stats.js”: “^0.17.0”,
“three”: “^0.127.0”

I changed to to a glb and it didnt work.

I tested the file itself as a glb and it loads fine on here

and it still doesnt work.

I’ve added it via url like this: Babylon.js Sandbox - View glTF, glb, obj and babylon files

and then I get a gltf error. that just says error. Why is this so difficult.


 "devDependencies": {

    "parcel": "^1.12.4",

    "parcel-plugin-static-files-copy": "^2.6.0"


  "dependencies": {

    "jsm": "^0.0.1",

    "": "^4.0.1",

    "static": "^2.0.0",

    "stats.js": "^0.17.0",

    "three": "^0.127.0"



Do you see what I am missing?

I suggest you try to demonstrate the issue in a small live example. For this use case, it’s best to use since it allows you to upload files like glTF assets.