Error: THREE.FBXLoader: Cannot find the version number for the file given

This is my error, at load 3d model.


and this is my code.

let p2 = this.LoadFBXModels("3dmodels/Models.FBX").then( result => { 
        var count = 1;
        var mesh = new THREE.InstancedMesh( result.children[0].geometry, result.children[0].material, count );
        var dummy = new THREE.Object3D();
        mesh.setMatrixAt( 0, dummy.matrix );

I want load at my local path. like this “C/myfolder/downloads”
Uncorrelated Path with my current project.

Can I?

thank u.

Do you mind sharing the FBX file in this asset?

Besides, it’s only possible to load something from a directory if the app and its assets are hosted via a web server.

Thank you…
I’ll have to find another way.

At my case,
My project structure is composed of ‘App’ and ‘Engine’

And I try import fbx model at Engine component.
This is why I failed load.