Is three.js JSON schema format obsolete?

Is three’s JSON schema format an old schema predating GLTF and support for it is kept for backwards compatibility reasons? Is there nowadays any reason to favor the JSON schema over GLTF?


I can think of three reasons apart from compatibility:

  • JSON is useful for implementing object persistence (this includes Three.js objects) and converting from/to JSON is much faster and more robust than exporting/importing GLTF/GLB.
  • JSON can capture all properties of a Three.js object, even those that are not supported by the GLTF/GLB format. Right now I do not recall such properties, but I recall within the last 2-3 months someone said in this forum about properties, that are not supported by GLTF.
  • JSON is somewhat fixed standard, while GLTF/GLB is still evolving, so a JSON file can be parsed by any Javascript system, while GLTF/GLB files may run into compatibility issues

PS. I am not advocating for JSON, I am just trying to find reasons to not abandon it. For a balance, someone should come up now with arguments why JSON should be left to rest in peace.

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Thank you for your response. For completeness, I would appreciate further feedback from anyone on the pros and cons of using either of them.