Convert json to gltf with GLTFexporter

I’m trying to convert a set of json files to GLTF using GLTFExporter via legacythree2gltf - I am not sure how up-to-date the json is - and I have not managed to get any output. Legacythree2gltf, as far as I could manage, didn’t give me any output whatsoever (not even a printout). I’m very new to this, so it could be that I am completely missing out on something obvious… An example json file that I need to convert is:

From the json, I cannot even tell if this is a legacy format json or not… I was wondering if someone could give me a helping hand? Any hint or tip or so would be super, super appreciated. Many many thanks!

Hi! Sorry I don’t think this JSON files is three.js-related, it doesn’t look like either the new or old JSON formats we’ve supported. It contains some references that suggest it might be related to this project:

In which case I think it’s a different, custom, format.