Is there three.js as .stl file load and preview?

Hi its possible way three.js from load the .stl file from users and preview it??

three.js provides a STLLoader that can be used to load binary and ASCII STL files. The following example demonstrates its usage:

The three.js editor already supports a preview feature for STL files. Meaning you can drag’n’drop the file to the viewport and it will be automatically displayed.


Thank you so much… as per its possible available free source code ??

Well, at least the code in the official repository is Open-Source and MIT-licenced :wink:

Oh… i see so the open free source can get from github? i found your github… and isn’t it you developed within team? :thinking:

Sorry, I don’t understand why you mean. This is the official repository:

I’m sorry, I too am finding this answer confusing because in the example STLLoader is not imported from the official repository, it’s acquired as
import { STLLoader } from './jsm/loaders/STLLoader.js';

so I’m still not sure how to get it from three.js.

See this section of the docs, particularly the part on Examples:

If you’re installing three.js from NPM (which is the method I’d recommend) then you’d write:

 import { STLLoader } from 'three/examples/jsm/loaders/STLLoader.js';

If you’re facing this much trouble, I’d suggest just COPYING the entire volume into your project as a variable and go forward from there.

Hi, can you guide me that can is there any functionality that after previewing the 3d model in three.js. Can we edit it?
LIke i loaded a modal nad saw that it requires some fixes so, i fix them while previewing.
Fixing model can be in two ways
joining points(is those points are visblr)
through a pen like i fill the oles if there is nay in the modal.