Can't load new STL files with STLLoader.js

Hi everyone,

I would like for a project to be able to load custom STL files that I will create on TinkerCAD website.

To do this, I followed the example file on the Three.js website and I managed to load and display the slotted disk and the head_pan.

But when I tried to load a simple cube create with TinkerCAD, nothing is displayed and no errors appeared in the console.
And I think this error isn’t linked to TinkerCAD cause I tried with another STL download on Thingiverse website: the same is still problem.

Does someone have an idea of why this thing occurs?

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Can you please share one of your STL files exported from TinkerCAD?

Use this.

I simply use the editor to create a cube using the presets shapes and I exported it in stl file.