Is there any way to load STEP file using three.js

I want to load STEP file in my browser, is there any way for that ?

No. And I think it’s unlikely that somebody is going to develop a full-fledged Loader for STEP or IGES.

You should try to convert your STEP file to glTF instead. More information in the following thread:


If still actual, then here is pure browser .step file to .stl with three.js on github. Server side is not needed. Colors are supported.
github project 3dmeshviewer
github alternative website with sample


@filipp Hello! Did you make 3dmeshviewer? If so, it is not working because this issue: Pin version of Three.js (website broken) · Issue #3 · 3dmeshviewer/stepfileviewer · GitHub

Many people use this format for websites and somehow they manage to convert the stp format to stl.
It is very sad that there is no option to somehow convert at least this format to some other for opening the model. Unfortunately, then we will not use your product and will look for another option, since this format is necessary for 3D printing and this is the standard.

Here is an example of a site where they got it