Is there a way to present a three js based application offline?

I have a webapp that is based on three js.
The product is a catalogue, where the user edits dots on a map.
Each dot is linked to an image. When the user clicks/touches the dot the linked image is shown.
This all runs against a website and involves complicated code that is needed for editing the dots etc…

After the editing is done, the user receives a big .zip file with all the images and json file that describes the location of the dots on the sitemap, and the mapping to the images.
From this point, he can view his data, using the webserver but as read only (i.e. cannot edit the dots).

With shifting to read-only, the operation becomes much simpler - in a nut-shell, the only need is to maintain the relationships between the dots and the sitemap.
At this stage, I see multiple advantages in disconnecting further services, from the webserver.

  • less load on the server - if there are many past users, than reaching to the server can add load on the server.
  • the user does not need to load his large data to the website.
  • the user can run offline, disconnected from the Internet.

The closest analogue to this, that I can think of, is an interactive design catalogue where the user
can link in various links to images, email addresses, note boxes, etc… and navigate.
These all work online.

What I’m looking for is a tool/viewer that can present such interactivity offline, basically a “website in a box
Off course that I’ll have to adjust the content to it.
The closest that I found is epub3 readers.
The specification allows for Javascript, but I have not yet found a reader that allows for effects like placing a clickable dot on an image.

Are there any tools/viewers that can work offline on mobile?


for a sealed offline app use

otherwise websites usually need to get served due to browser security policies, you normally can’t just click an html file and expect it to work. now there are some things you can look into that solve this, service workers for instance - but that’s not really “offline” but offline-first, which means the site has to be online at some point.

I looked on but it is for Desktop applications.
I’m looking for mobile solution (I updated my question)

I’m aware of service workers, but that is like you said not really “offline”.

I still not fully understand why there are no “website in a box” solutions.
The epub specification supports Javascript, so how come there are no epub readers that allow more functionality, to give richer interactive experience.
Or may be I have not found one yet…

I’m no expert on this but have you looked at Cordova or Ionic?