Is there a way to adjust intensity of a .map texture

A lot of the texture maps have a intensity float that can be used to make adjustments. Is there a way or method to add a intensity float to adjust .map texture?

If by intensity you mean brightness, then technically yes - you can increase the overall brightness of the material (and, effectively, .map) by setting .emissive to 0xffffff and increasing .emissiveIntensity. And you can lower the brightness by setting color to a value lower than 0xffffff (if you don’t want to change the hue of the map texture, be sure to use gray colors, so all three channels should have the same value.)

How come I have to set the emissive to something darker than 0xfffff in order to decrease brightness? Couldn’t I just lower the .emissiveIntensity? Thanks.

Not .emissive - .color, it’s a separate property.

Sorry misread … is there a float value I can use to decrease the intensity of the color value?

In a great simplification, the final color of the material (without the lights / shades / other PBR maps) is calculated as:

finalColor = textureColor * color + emissive * emissiveIntensity

So if you set color to 0x000000, you’ll be multiplying textureColor by 0 - and get black. For 0xffffff you’ll be multiplying the texture color by 1.0 - so you’ll get the original color of the texture. Any value in-between will return the textureColor darkened to some degree.

As for emissive, it works the opposite way - you’ll be adding to the textureColor instead of masking it.

But there’s no just single prop that you could change to increase / decrease the brightness of .map.