Is StereoEffect still needed?

It seems like StereoEffect was added back in the days before the WebVR/AR/XR existed and was intended for use with old VR products like Google Cardboard.

I’m searching around on GitHub but not finding many clues - has StereoEffect been completely replaced by the WebVR stuff? Or are there still situations in which you would want to use it?

It might be obsolete in XR scenarios but I think it is still useful if people want to create a simple/funny stereo effect for their app. It also has an educational purpose because it shows the minimal setup that is necessary for stereo rendering. Since the code is straightforward, I would keep it in the repo.

OK, that’s what I figured, thanks for the confirmation. Yeah, I’m fine with keeping it.

I think some better documentation of this would be very useful though. I’m reviewing some code and they have added StereoEffect for VR.

Since I’m not at all familiar with the VR side of three.js I went searching and didn’t find any clear answers on whether it was ever needed.

What do think about adding a note to these pages?

Something like:

Note: don’t use StereoEffect/Camera for VR. See these examples for information on correct VR setup.

Yes, a note in the documentation might be useful to clarify things. But I guess I would write it less as a warning^^. And refer to the VR guide instead. Something like:

Note: If you want to create VR experiences with three.js, read the following guide for more information:

BTW: A note in the documentation of THREE.StereoCamera should be sufficient. I would not start to duplicate the docs in the examples.