Is it possible to write the WebGL Collada Renderer as an Aframe component?

Hello there,

I was exploring this WebGL-based renderer from Three.js. I want to create an A-frame component out of it so that I can load Collada models using aframe.

The code doesn’t seem to work despite no error.


Can anybody suggest some workaround?

One possible approach is to reduce the complexity – for example, you can start with a cube, instead of a Collada model. If the cube is working, it means something with the management of the Collada model is wrong; if the cube is not working, then the Collada model is unrelated to the issue.

I hope you have consulted Developing with three.js – A-Frame.

PS. The JSFiddle link is broken, it says “404 That page doesn’t exist.”

Hi @Mugen87 ,

Sorry for the trouble. Can you help me with this? Here’s the link to the code: Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground

Sorry, I’m not familiar with A-Frame.