Is it possible to change a canvas size with CSS only?

I am basically a noob with Three.js so please forgive me if this question is too simple or the answer is too evident for experienced developers :slight_smile:
There is some answer here - javascript - Threejs canvas size based on container - Stack Overflow
But I am not sure that it is the best solution for my situation.
Let’s say I have 10 (or 120, or even more) fullscreen three.js pages from some third parties.
I need to display each page as a canvas in some div of arbitrary width and height.
Is it possible to do without changing javacript code at each page?
(in Babylon.js you just define parent div width and height with CSS and canvas (with 100% width and height) will fill the parent element. You don’t need to add anything to js code or write special function as in abovementioned examples to get automatic resizing).
To be more clear with what I’d like to achieve:

  1. Take some three.js fullscreen pages (or pieces of code) which may have or not have automatic resizing function.
  2. Set the size of a canvas parent element (div) with CSS without changing JS code.
  3. Get the desired result.

Is it possible with three.js or I will need to inspect every source ‘page’ and add the resizing js code manually?