Is it possible to animate an envimaps rotation?

Is it possible to animate an envimaps rotation?

new RGBELoader().load( 'royal_esplanade_1k.hdr', function ( texture ) {
texture.mapping = THREE.EquirectangularReflectionMapping;
scene.environment = texture

yes, but i don’t think like that. this is react but i guess gets the point across Building live envmaps - CodeSandbox the lights that you see rolling over the car come from a “live” environment.

  1. create a webglrendertarget, a cubecam, a sphere
  2. put the hdr texture onto the sphere as envMap, side=BackSide
  3. rotate the camera
  4. feed the rendertarget texture into scene.environment

more or less that’s what the demo above is doing.

would that still work if the camera was static and didn’t move? i’ve noticed that seems to be the default behavior when the camera moves anyway im curious if we can make the map move even without moving the camera, thanks

envmap is a reflection, you can’t rotate the sphere because the reflection will stay the same. the camera inside the environment map has to rotate around itself, that would be fairly easy to implement.



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