Is Geometry Class competely out of the picture?

hey, i’m trying to upgrade a old project(three 131.1).
I know Geometry is deprecated since r125,but we can still use it as ES6 module,which,in my mind ,is just code like this:‘import { Geometry } from ‘three/examples/jsm/deprecated/Geometry.js’;
Now i know we delete the js file in version 141,dose that mean we can’t use Geometry class any more?
(English is not my native language,so forgive me if my grammar is bad)

i read the instruction again ,and i see developer say:’ * **THREE.Geometry is no longer renderable and can’t be used to create 3D objects (meshes, lines, points) anymore.**’
now i’m confused ,THREE.Geometry is not renderable even i use it as es6 module?

new way is more easier then that.

but we can’t find the /Geometry.js’,it’s deleted,right?

Oh, yes yes, sorry for that yeah it’s deleted

use the new way?

yes, i’m going to try that

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i don’t think the new way is easier, if your code dealt with face3 before. but yes it’s gone. we still keep it in GitHub - pmndrs/three-stdlib: 📚 Stand-alone library of threejs examples designed to run without transpilation in node & browser if you need it not for display but calculation. afterwards you can convert it into a buffergeometry.

thanks! :grin:(10 character)

you can pull it from git history and it will likely still work, maybe with minor edits like addAttribute-setAttribute. but if you dont want to add it to your source files - forget it. it’s gone.

yeeeah, all the file parsers now have a hard time producing anything but unindexed triangle soup even if the format does carry the index info.