InterleavedBufferAttribute typo

In all three files (three.js, three.module.js, and the InterleavedBufferAttribute source file), there is a typo when wishing to clone the InterleavedBufferAttribute without putting in a data source. In all three places, there is this line

console.log( 'THREE.InterleavedBufferAttribute.clone(): Cloning an interlaved buffer attribute will deinterleave buffer data.' );

It says “Cloning an interlaved buffer attribute” instead of “Cloning an interleaved buffer attribute” in all three files. This is by no means a massive issue. I just happened to notice it when looking through the three.js source and thought that it should be brought up to a person that can change it.

The same typo also appears in the toJSON method

Much bigger issue is that this seems like it belongs in some documentation, not a runtime message :frowning:

You can open a pull request on Github to fix this typo. For a really simple fix like this I don’t think you need to do the usual stuff of forking the repo and so on.

You can just open file in GitHub and hit the :pencil2: icon then change the misspelled word. Make sure you don’t change any other formatting in the file. Write a meaningful commit message at the bottom and the select the option to Create a new branch for this commit and start a pull request.

The offending line is here: