Interactive screen inside a 3D Model

I am trying to create a 3D interactive model of a computer. Basically, its a portfolio website and I want the user to be able to browse through different screens INSIDE the 3D rendered computer screen. I have used ThreeJS to import a 3D Computer model, added the lightings and will use GSAP for smooth camera movements. I’m stuck on how I can make the Computer’s screen interactive, and what needs to be done. Is it something related to Blender?

So I design the whole website in the JSX file itself, change my renderer and thats it?

if you use jsx you have tools that do it, css3d imo can’t occlude but drei/html can.

interactive html inside three (computer + screen) Mixing HTML and WebGL w/ occlusion - CodeSandbox

a scene rendered into a screen Monitors - CodeSandbox


ps is more box, but simpler

rendering a scene into a texture