Interactive movies in Three.js (Landscapes, Graphics and Libraries)

I was researching about projects where the Three.js was used to create landscapes, tours or simple movies with camera movements using GSAP or theater.js. I didn’t saw much projects with this approach.

I know we can use Blender, Unity or Unreal to create this type of project with a awesome graphic, but I was wondering what is needed to achieve something similar using Three.js and other libraries. Like, a website with a interactive movie that finish in an UI to know more.

I’ve been looking the contents in Three.js, R3F, Pixi, Babylon, Unreal (HTML5) and Unity (HTML5) about this. I’m showing up with this discussion to know if you had the same interest and what you looked for when you was studying.

btw, English isn’t my native language, sorry for any erros.

This interactive music video is still one of the best examples I can think of.
And this one is also amazing.

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Wow!!! This is really insane! Thank you a lot!