InstancedMesh vs. InstancedBufferGeometry

Hello All,

I am working on performance optimization.

Currently i am rendering 1000s of objects into my scene using buffer geometry.

I found that buffer geometry is faster but due to lot of objects my browser slow down.

So i found a solution to use instance buffer geometry or instance mesh

To overcome the large number of object rendering and slowness in the browser.

Here a little confuse which one i should go for in between instance mesh and instance buffer geometry.

Because in future i have to do some transformation means move the individual obj so i think this is not possible with instance buffer geometry.

Please any views on each of my statement above.


Please use InstancedMesh. It will make it easier to transform individual instances like demonstrated in the official demos, e.g. three.js webgl - instancing - dynamic.

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I just read simple discussion here.

But i am not able to found how ?

Means how rendering 1000s of buffer obj is slower than rendering 1000s of instances.

Rendering 1000 meshes produces 1000 drawcalls.
Rendering 1000 instances of a single instanced mesh produces 1 draw call.

There are many topics in this forum which explain why draw calls are a critical performance metric.