Instanced lines scaling and rotation

Through the answers given to both this and that question, I managed to create something that feels a lot like instanced lines. The positions are made right through an offset attribute (using a THREE.InstancedBufferAttribute).

However, I don’t get how to deal with scaling and rotation. In my use case, I have instanced meshes that populate my scene, and I would like to have instanced lines at the exact same position/rotation/scale as my instanced lines to give something like a wireframe effect.

How would you go at it?

Here is a rough example for some ideas:


Many thanks for your quick answer (and for your previous answers to the questions I linked). This looks like exactly what I need! I will need a few hours to understand how it all works and whether it can fit my purpose. More soon!

It does solve my problem perfectly well. I was looking at mesh level instead of looking a geometry level. You codepen was very helpful, many thanks for taking the time to put it together in such a clear way.

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Has also already ended up in the collection 2020.

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Maybe it would be helpful to make an “official” example?