Install r155 in VITE

How do I install in vite r155 version, I tried npm install three@0.155.0 but I test the THREE.REVISION I still get r151…

Thank you.

are you working from a directory that you previously installed three r151 into? if so you may need to run

npm uninstall three
npm i three

this would uninstall the previous version and automatically install the latest…

I tried but still, when I console log console.log(THREE.REVISION) I still get r151, what is going on?

Is there any other way to install it in VITE the r155 version?

In the vite dependencies package.json I get

“three”: “^0.151.2”

Weird, uninstall should remove the entry from the package.json all together, can you check that’s the case? Do you have any other libs included that may have 151 as a dependency? If you start a new vite project in another directory and run npm i three does the same behaviour persist?

I have found the problem, even though the three libraries were uninstalled in the pnpm-lock.yaml there were a few dependencies related to three so I removed those lines manually and installed it with npm i three and it works now.

Thank you for your help!!!

btw there’s a handy package for updates

npx npm-check-updates -u

without the -u it will only list the possible upgrades, you can also pick individual packages.


Thank you guys, I am sure this will help others…