Improving PMREMGenerator by using Cubemap instead of CubeUVMap?

I’ve been using PMREM recently and I realized THREE.JS internally uses Cube-UV-Map (idk if it’s the general term or THREEJS specific) which is a projection of multi-level cubemap into plane 2d texture.

As far as I know it’s advantageous to use just multi-level Cubemap instead of Cube-UV-Map to store pre filtered environment maps. I also saw some possibility of simplifying PMREMGenerator.js by using somewhat more natural texture format for the situation.

My question is

  1. Are there reasons for using Cube-UV-Map format?
  2. If not, can I make a PR addressing this issue? I’ve been already customizing PMREMGenetaro.js originally to use for my own project but I’d love to change direction if I can contribute.

The lead developer of PMREMGenerator (@elalish) is not active at the forum. You probably want to post your suggestion at GitHub and ping him.