Implement own camera controller

im working on a similar game to an RTS in web and i am looking for ways to directly manipulate the camera position, look (pitch/yaw) that is custom to our game, I cant seem to find the needed necessary getter/setter for Perspective camera to manipulate its access manuly like its look, right and up (unit) vector so i can implement our own camera system/input controls.

Is there any available resources on how to implement custom camera controllers like the Orbit or FPS controller, etc.
example of custom camera is to “scroll” the scene when the camera reaches the edge of the view, common to RTS games.

let me know any idea/suggestions on how to do this.

PerspectiveCamera inherits from Object3D, so you can set its position, rotation, quaternion, or use methods like lookAt or rotateOnAxis. You can also add it to another Object3D which you can then use as a dolly.


I’ve been using this lib for more control over the camera in a current project. It depends on how you’re trying to update the camera state (ie ‘when the user does this, do this’ vs cinematic camera stuff) but it’s worked well for me thusfar