I want to achieve an effect that looks towards the camera

How can I achieve this effect?

scale-dirction.html (5.9 KB)
This is a static page I wrote

Um, I think what you are looking for is related to the following discussion at GitHub:

Sorry, my description is not clear, I want to achieve the effect that the zoom control always faces the camera. But your answer can also enlighten me to think, thank you

If you require planes to always face the camera, have you tried using THREE.Sprite?

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But it needs to be locked in one direction, in one direction it can’t rotate, as demonstrated in the video, no matter how you manipulate the camera, it will only rotate in certain directions, and the bottom is still attached to the model surface, if you use THREE.Sprite, it will rotate all?

I’m not sure I understand. It’s probably best to give THREE.Sprite a shot and then share the result as a live example. In this way we can compare the example with the video.

I did it, hahaha, that’s it @Mugen87

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Now we have a new problem where lookat causes the model to flip @Mugen87 :sob:

The topic reminds me about this one somehow: How can I rotate a Sprite to face particular x,y coordinates? - #4 by prisoner849

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