I need an experience three js developer who can create geometries from scratch


Three js developers,

There is a good opportunity to join my team for a long time. We basically work on the geometries that represent some solar design so i need one who work for me in regionable rate for a long time.


What does regionable rate mean? Do you mean to say reasonable rate?

Yes you understand correct it a typo i am reasonable as we are a start up so we cant effort high rate

Just so everybody know, this guy is offering a fixed 85usd for a job because “he knows it’s gonna take me only one hour”, and required me to accept his price before to send the details of the job.

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Well, there’s nothing wrong in having small budget. But it may indeed be useful if we’d suggest disclosing rates / budget in posts in Jobs category - it’s kind of a standard in EU, and will make finding the fitting developers easier as well. (@looeee would it be possible to add when creating new topics?)


That’s a bit strange. What happens if you hear the details of the job and you decide not to take it afterward?

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If you don’t have a contract, or it’s not enforceable in your jurisdiction, i think nothing. You can simply walk away, never ever respond to this person etc.

That doesn’t sound like such a bad rate. Not the best, but within the range (lower end, 85/h).

$85/hour is not a bad rate, but you should always be weary of someone that can’t do a task for themselves, yet claims to know exactly how long it should take you to get it done.


I think @felixmariotto you don’t understand me.
I already said my budget is low. So I offer you fixed price rate. I am not good in three js at the moment and I saw your work that is more advance what we are doing so we have very small task. And there are platform where we make a fixed contract so no one can cheat.
But I am here curious to know don’t we have any privacy you wrote me personally first and you bring it here what does it mean.

@mjurczyk @felixmariotto would you guys mind opening a new thread in the site feedback category? We can discuss any changes to job post requirements there without hijacking this thread.

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I said you specifically. We need you as a helper not as a full time person.
Any ways I saw this forum is really good and lot of awesome developer are providing free help
Dude that 85 usd is even more for you.

I am a three.js developer and I am interested in your project because I have specialized in threejs geometry.
Can we discuss further in the chat?
I wait for your response.
Kind regards.

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