I need a more realistic fov and camera view settings. My issue is clearly described here. Please help

I have a general doubt regarding A-frame or 3D graphics. In this space: https://aframe-xr-starterkit.glitch.me/ the walls are 8 meters and why would we want to set it to 8 meters. Walls of our rooms in the real world are max 4 meters right? Does it means 1m == 0.5 meters in aframe? Also one more doubt, how can I avoid the stretching of the windows in this example when I turn around. Not only windows, objects in my other projects seems to be stretching when I change my camera direction. This problem can be solved with FOV set to 35 or less but it crops out the area in front of the user. Is it possible to achieve a real person’s view in the real world in Aframe or is it a limitation. Sorry for asking this question here, it’s because I haven’t got any relevant answers for this issue in other communities.

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