I add a function to OrbitControls to rotate scene to Right and Left or Up and Down

These codes are useful using OrbitControls please review and add this code to OrbitControls.
//Right and Left
this.RotateAzimuthalAngle = function (angle) {
rotateLeft(angle );
//Up and Down
this.RotatePolarAngle = function (angle) {
rotateUp( angle );

Why not just using CameraControls?

It has methods rotate, rotateAzimuthTo, rotatePolarTo and rotateTo.

Dear PavelBoytchev,
Thank you with your suggestions, I don’t know really, when I use mouse button to rotate objects I saw that OrbitControls with the function getAzimuthalAngle(); is what I was looking for. but I didn’t find any function to rotate in OrbitControl except reset() and saveState();
what I wanted to rotate left or right and some time to rotate scene automatically to right and left.
after adding these two function, I use and it was good and enough for me, but I want to use as few as I could to use functions in my webpages, maybe
anyhow I will to use camera functions too.
thank you for response, if it is possible I will ask you some other question latter?