How we can achieve this in threejs?

Any idea how we can achieve this type of result in threejs?
as I’m beginner here.

selective bloom is inbuilt into both jsm/effectcomposer/unrealbloom and pmndrs/postprocessing/bloom, imo you should consider the latter, it is the better effect composer overall

for reflections either use SSR, this is a screen space effect pass for pmndrs/postprocessing

or meshreflectormaterial

Check out webgl_postprocessing_unreal_bloom for a nice bloom effect which is probably the most prominent effect in the above videos. The official examples also provide various other effects that you can apply if necessary without the overhead/complexity of additional libraries.

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@drcmda @Mugen87 I wanna know about specific rendering like first one in which light is moving in wires and in second object particles are shinning from various model part randomly?

you control glow on the materials. bloom has a threshold, you set it to 1, so nothing will glow. now every material that leaves RGB 0-1 will glow. color.set(2,2,2) for instance, or emissiveIntensity = 2. the higher the value the more intense the glow. you do not need anything else for this. in the first example the electrons are glowing just because of this: color={[10, 1, 10]} toneMapped={false}

there’s a better explanation here GitHub - pmndrs/react-postprocessing: 📬 postprocessing for react-three-fiber

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