How use OutlineEffect on a single object?

I have a character and a stage and I wonder if there are a way to use OutlineEffect only on the character and not in the whole scene. Im talking about the OutlineEffect not the OutlinePass.

have you considered the postprocessing library by varunesc? it’s generally a good alternative as it can be faster and the effects tend to be a little bit more flexible. all the effects for which it makes sense have selections for instance, where you get to pick objects it applies to. this demo only serves as a visual confirmation but that’s using OutlineEffect.selection underneath.


Have you considered to use two scenes in order to distinct objects with and without outlines?

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Hi drcmda, thanks for reply. I use some demos of varunesc but it looks too similar to “Outline pass” in that it only adds “outline” externally (border only), not internally (all edges) as OutlineEffect.

Wow, I did not know that you could have two scenes, thanks, I will try this. Now I wondering if this has a impact on performace

You don’t have more draw calls, just an additional render pass. I doubt the respective overhead is noticeable in your app.

Can i use OutlineEffect on a scene, on a single object ?

Because my model is that have a lot of layers,and animation .
If i only set one child object, it’s hard to put it on two scenes