How to translate the world (all objects) instead of translating the camera

Hi guys !
First of all, I’m french and my English is not perfect, I will do my best ! :smiley:

So, I remember from my courses that if we want to move on our scene, we can’t use the camera (because camera is projection matrix), so I wonder how to move all my objects of my scene instead of moving my camera ?

I know how to translate a single object, but I thought all theses objects was contained in a “world” landmark, but maybe I’m wrong…
So, how to do this ? Do I need to loop over all my objects and translate it individually ?

Thanks ! :smiley:

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What’s the goal of your intention to move world instead of camera?
You can try to move scene object, so all its children will move respectively.
Or do you you want to make something like an endless runner?

Thanks for your answer !
No i’m a beginner, i just was trying to understand how people did to move into a space with many objects in the scene without translate the camera.

But maybe i’m wrong, but i thought that we can’t juste translate camera coordinates. Can you confirm me ?

But if i move scene objects, the camera will move too ?

whats the use of camera if u move the entire scene except the camera, the reason why we have camera is not to move the world instead we look around it,

it is doable but not efficient way to move around,

this can be done traversing all geometry position and quaternion in the scene, also the traverse will burden the rendering loop it will become evident as your scene increase,

this virtual tours project actually moves the blinking nodes (plane geometry with animated texture) as it moves (the camera never moves). to prevent lagging other geometries that aren’t close to the cameras are discarded so it doesn’t burden the rendering loop

Yeah, i think i got it… The view matrix is the reverse model matrix of the camera, and the view matrix is applied to all objects in my scene. So when i move my camera, it applies transformations on all objects through the view matrix. I’m right ?

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