How to transition between animations smoothly

I’m trying to smoothly transition between walk/run animations but for some reason it keeps glitching quickly into t-pose between the animations. I am using fade() but still no luck. What can I do to make this transition smoothly without the glitch? Thanks!

Did you take a look at the examples? I think I saw the same issue in this example. If you’re on “walk” and click “walk” again, it’ll jump back to the T-pose for a bit.

This one has smooth transitions, but it seems like it waits until the current animation loop ends before starting the blending.

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Here’s another example: The relevant code is:

			function fadeToAction( name, duration ) {

				previousAction = activeAction;
				activeAction = actions[ name ];

				if ( previousAction !== activeAction ) {

					previousAction.fadeOut( duration );


					.setEffectiveTimeScale( 1 )
					.setEffectiveWeight( 1 )
					.fadeIn( duration )

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    if (this.motion_name == _name){ return; }

    this.motion_name = _name;

    this.motion_time =;


    //get motion object

    var motion = this.get_motion_obj_from_name(this.motion_name);


    //get translate amount

    this.motion_translate = motion.translate;     


    //get clip

    var clip = motion.anim;


    //get action (animation)

    var action = this.mixer.clipAction( clip );









    //action.time = 0.1; //hmm doesn't do anything


    this.current_action = action;

    console.log("Motion set to, "+this.motion_name);


Yay, got it. I added fadeOut() and reset() and that fixed it.