How to the world direction of the Y and X axis?

Hi i need to determin the world direction of the Y or X direction of an object. Basically i need something like .getWorldDirection but for Y or X axis.
Can i use matrixWorld to do this? I have seen that getWorldDirection uses matrixWorld but i don’t know what matrixWorld actually is :slight_smile:

Something like this:

So i have found all my answers here:

All the directions are in the 4x4 transformations matrix called worldMatrix.

Here is how to find all axis directions:

const e = object.matrixWorld.elements;
let dx =new THREE.Vector3();
let dy =new THREE.Vector3();
let dz =new THREE.Vector3();
dx.set(e[0], e[1], e[2])
dx = dx.normalize()
dy.set(e[4], e[5], e[6])
dy = dx.normalize()
dz.set(e[8], e[9], e[10])
dz = dx.normalize()

That is not working… it is getWorldDirection().setZ(0).normalize()? I have tried that but the result is neither of three directions.