How to stop scene.environment from affecting parts of a loaded glb


Anyone know how to prevent the reflection of the scene.environment in a loaded gltf/glb, not sure what setting it is on the material or if this is done in code?

Any ideas?



If you assign an environment map to Scene.environment, then all PBR materials will be affected.

I suggest you don’t use Scene.environment but assign the environment map to the envMap property of those materials which should be affected by IBL.

Possibly setting material.envMapIntensity = 0 would also work.

That worked, can now just add _env_0 to _env_1 to the names of the models in the gltf/glb now and in traversing set the intensity. Nice 1 :star2:

Or inversely the above. :+1:

Ok now to test both solutions on mobile for the best performance...

Thanks guys for the info :star2: