How to stop CSS2DObject face towards the camera

I’m trying to create panorama markers with CSS2DObject, After I add the marker object into the scene,I got the result like bellow picture

but when I pan the panorama, the marker changed its direction.

As you can seen, the arrow points the wrong direction because CSS2DObject always face towards the camera,I wonder if I could do something to change this behavior and get the right result.

Actually it didn’t. :wink:

The 2D-marker is still pointing horizontally to the right. It’s just that it doesn’t point to your 3D-object anymore, which changed position/orientation.

You’l probably have to combine a 2D-label (so it remains readable from all directions) with a 3D-arrow, which will follow all scene rotations and will always point into the correct direction.

many thanks for your advice,it works fine.