How to set Segments of Extrude Geometry

I am going to add displacement map to endwall.
The end wall was built by ExtrudeGeometry.

Is it possible to add segment like this?

This is just to let you know the question is not quite clear, as it allows different interpretations:

  • if you want to add segments (e.g. thin red vertical lines), you need to find their end points and connect them – all end points are along the perimeter of the pentagon shape of the wall
  • if you want to split the wall into vertical plates, then you have to create your own geometry for each of the plates – the end points will be used again
  • if you want to add a texture that repeats horizontally (e.g. imitating vertical plates) you could modify the UV coordinates
  • if you want to add a texture as displacement map, then you must support it with sufficient vertices, as displacements work only if there is vertex; otherwise, you could use bump maps, they are simpler than displacemaps and do not require dedicated vertices
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