How to rotate an object relatively to camera's axes?

I’ve got an object that the user can click&rotate in all directions, including upside down. I’d like to make it work in such a way, that grabbing & dragging an object even multiple times in a row will always rotate it on the axes of our eyes, so to speak, and not on the axes of the now-rotated object.

Is that theoretically possible? Is this a job for quaternions? How could I approach this?

P.S. Actually, world axes or something like that could also work, my camera looking 90deg straight at the object.

in this example press ‘E’ to go into rotate mode and drag on the outermost yellow ring is that what you want ?

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Yes! That is exactly what I need!

I skimmed through the code but I couldn’t pinpoint the part that’s responsible for it. Is it done with TransformControls.js?

yes , it’s part of transform controls and there’s some complex stuff going on

basic logic (not sure about the math)

  • there’s a invisible plane on the target mesh always looking at the camera
  • when we rotate the object it rotates along one of the local axis of this plane
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