How to render multiple views

is there a way that anyone can explain how this grid view works on how it can go from standard view to the grid view?

could you explain where you see multiple views or a grid? i see one view tied to scroll.

you mean this right?

you would render into a texture (THREE.WebGLRenderTarget) instead of the screen, and then display the texture.

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This particular example is using layers and setScissorTest as you can see in the code, the first for loop creates a camera every iteration, setting the necessary camera layer to enabled for each, the model is set to layer 0 and the lines made from edges Geometry is set to layer 1. In the second for loop, within the render function, it’s rendering both cameras but using setScissor to determine where each camera should effectively be rendered to the screen, the first being the full height of the renderers dom element and the second being only a partition of it


i did yes, thank you for that!

thank you for that!