How to remove distortion on displacement map?

Is there a way to remove the distortion on the displacement map?

I tried displacement example from the following link

Do you mind sharing a live example instead of an image?

Unfortunately, I can’t explain the reason for these artifacts based on the reference codesandbox.

@Mugen87 Live Demo link: relaxed-dew-jsfjne - CodeSandbox

Thanks for the live example!

The problem in your demo happens because of a mismatch between the displacement map and the normals. Displacement maps are often generated in tools which also produce the respective normal map. Both should always be used together in order to produce correct lighting with displaced vertices. An example for this approach is: three.js webgl - materials - displacement map

The original codesandbox (the one with the red terrain) also has this issue however it isn’t that obvious compared to your application. The patched shader chunk is not correct in both cases.

Ok got it. Thanks!