How to remove a part of the mesh temporarily from scene?

Hello everyone!
I succesfully managed to add clipping planes to my mesh which is a simple bunny stl file. I also have a feature which calculates the distance between two points. It only calculates the points on the bunny which is what I aim. However as i trim the half of the bunny with plane the distance calculater creates a line on the trimmed part of the bunny ( invisible part of it ). So trimmed part of the bunny still seem as mesh which is why distance calculater method intersects with it.

for instance, it adds line between ears of the bunny , however if I trim the ears it still calcutes and adds a line.

I’d be so glad if anyone help me about it or give any hint.

Duplicate of How to remove a part of a mesh with clipping planes? :thinking: ?

my bad… wanted to make sure to clearify my issue