How to remove a part of a mesh with clipping planes?

As shown in the example. clipping planes only make it invisible as the plane pass through it. However is it possible to temporarly remove the part of the mesh as the planes go through x , y and z axises? What I mean by temporarly is getting back the clipped part of mesh again not permanently removing it.
I only come up with removing the faces of model solution but it seems quite complex to achieve. The reason why I’m trying to do is because having a bug which lets a pointer to intersects with the invisible part of the mesh.Screen shots are included here. I look over all the internet but could not come up with a solution :thinking:

Afaik, clipping planes are just a visual effect (they don’t actually modify the geometry in anyway.) So for as long as you’d use clipping planes (instead of CSG for example), you’ll likely get intersections.

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Thanks a lot for the reply at least I have something to look for it. I know I have to face the fact that I cant manage the geometry of it . So is it possiple to modify my mesh with CSG ?