How to read color from an MTL?

I’m trying to get the colour of the surface on an OBJ with a material set using an MTL. I want to be able to select a position using the mesh geometry and read the color seen at that point.

Is this possible?

I expect the color you read from a screen position to be the result of the material color, the color(s) and position(s) of the illuminating light(s), the angle between the face normal and the viewing direction as well as any atmospheric effects, just to name a few.

So, in short: I don’t believe this is possible with a reasonable degree of precison.

Thank you for the quick reply, i am trying to create a 3D particle solution that can recreate the 3D shape and set the color of the particles based on the object (ideally by using a standard material). I thought I might be able to bake in the colors but I cannot figure out any way of doing it. I saw this method meshsurfaceSampler but it would not return the color, I’m assuming this is because the colors are not set as a buffer attribute.

Hi Chaser_Code, thanks for the reply. I did see this example but this reads directly from the rendered output. I am not rendering the 3D object, I am loading the 3D object from a .obj and then using the mesh to load particles on the surface. This all works. However, I would like to have the particles match the color of the .mtl material, so the location of the particle would match the color from that specific vector.

For reference i am doing something similar to this - Surface Sampling in Three.js | Demo 1 | Codrops

But looking to also add color to my particles based on the 3D shape.

You could load the OBG at a location behind screen camera. Have a second camera look at the object and set the render target to a texture. You can then sample the color from the texture.

See this DEMO. Click on the Lights, Camera, Action Panel. Source code here

It uses render targets. This was loosely based on three.js portal example

If need only texture color, without shadows, lights, ambient, then load texture to 2d canvas ang get uv point of particle

Also good but maybe difficult calculation solution with light or without light is:
get position of particle, get selected triangle of particle, rotate camera or object face to camera, then read pixel. Renderer size can be small.

So i actually found a solution. I can get the martial groups and then pull the colour for each material, then I can select a random position from the index and each material group has a start and end point. So I can use the ranges to determine what material group is being used and then apply the color. It seems to be working but I need to clean up the particle selection.

function sampleRandomPoint() {
  const size = geometry.attributes.position.count;
  const randomPoint = Math.floor((Math.random() * size)) * 3;

  const posAtt = geometry.attributes.position.array;
  //get position
  const pos = new THREE.Vector3( posAtt[randomPoint], posAtt[randomPoint + 1], posAtt[randomPoint + 2] ); 

  //get color
  let color;

  geometry.groups.forEach((group, index) => {
    if(randomPoint >= group.start) {
      color = fullobj.children[0].material[index].color

  if(color.r === undefined) {
    color = new THREE.Color(0xFFFFFF)

  return {

I can confirm this is working, when I have it all working I will upload an example.

If your material is just color then easy.

OK, this is the final version I ended up with.

I still use the MeshSurfaceSampler as it will provide a position that is somewhere on a face as opposed to on the vertex.

function sampleRandomPoint() {
  let position = new THREE.Vector3();
  let color = new THREE.Color();
  // instead of using the .sample method we use sampleFace and calculate the faceIndex ourselves

  const cumulativeTotal = sampler.distribution[ sampler.distribution.length - 1 ];
  let faceIndex = sampler.binarySearch( sampler.randomFunction() * cumulativeTotal );
  sampler.sampleFace( faceIndex, position );

  // convert faces into points for color groups
  faceIndex *= 3;

  geometry.groups.forEach((group, index) => {
    if(faceIndex >= group.start && faceIndex < (group.start + group.count)) {
      color = fullobj.children[0][group.materialIndex].color;

  return { color, position };

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