How to prevent zooming in on inside of object

I’m just getting started using three.js.

The teapot example contains a camera that can zoom in on the object. Is there a way to lock the camera so that it can only zoom in to a certain distance of the teapot, without going ‘inside’ the teapot?

Hello danielsoutar,

Plz confirm that when you are talking about the “teapot example”, you are refering to this example, which uses the “OrbitControls.js” library ( If this is the case, you can easely configure the following member variables to suit your needs:

this.minDistance = 0;
this.maxDistance = Infinity;

You can do the configuration right after the controls instance declaration i.e.:

cameraControls = new THREE.OrbitControls( camera, renderer.domElement );
cameraControls.minDistance=20; /*TODO: set to the floor/min value you want*/

Hope this is what you were looking for!

That’s fantastic, and yes that’s what I was referring to.

The only remaining issue is that I realised the scene centres around the teapot. Let’s say I had two objects that I rendered. If I wanted to say that the camera can only go so close to either of those two objects, would I need to use some kind of offset for the camera and if so, where would THAT code go?

Re danielsoutar,

I am glad we have it pinned out!

For the discourse organization sake, please close this question and write a new post; Then, it will be easier for others with the same challenge to retrieve and understand the info.


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