How to prevent decals to stretch?

I’ve add my own figure to This Example - my decalDiffuse in a simple circle painted in white - for some reason - as you can see in the image - the circle is distorted and stretched in some places - after adding decal (shoot function)…i must point out that the image is split to human-body sections …so i can understand that i could happen in the intersection areas… but i can’t figure out why it happens in rounded areas.

This is because of how the decal projection algorithm is implemented. It works best on flat surfaces. And it is not possible to prevent the distortion without implement a different algorithm.


Perhaps their is another way to achieve the same functionality ? maybe with different approach?

I’m not aware of different one, sorry.

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So is raycaster the only way to paint on model with Threejs?

I found the problem - the position of the decal was wrong - now it’s fine