How to pick up , measure and cutting the InstancedBufferGeometry?What else could I do?

In order to improve the performance of GPU ,I use InstancedBufferGeometry instead of bufferGeometry,but Invalidation of original function. measure ,pick up and cutting.

Can you please elaborate a bit what you mean?

In general, when using instanced geometry it’s not always possible to directly use functionality that work with BufferGeometry. This is true for shader programs but also for algorithms or program code that performs a manipulation of geometry data.

hey Mugen87,
I’ve found a solution. use Raycaster with InstancedBufferGeometry to select or measure.
I use an array to cache bufferGeometry and associate it with instancedBufferGeometry.

For a bit more context, crossposting:

The caching solution is outlined in the tutorial articles for the module.