How to optimize video performance on a texture

So im trying to play video on a texture (which is then wrapped in a sphere) and I am seeing issues.

The CPU usage is really high. It generally stays around 50% of my CPU. Even the threejs video panorama sample is in this range. I have seen other video players using threejs, and with higher resolution video than the sample, that are are hovering in the 20% range.

Im using this if(video.readyState >= video.HAVE_CURRENT_DATA)… from the other thread on frame rate and I am still in the same range .

Is there a technique that I am missing?


Can you please share a link to one of these apps?

The website also uses video.readyState >= video.HAVE_CURRENT_DATA in order to update the content of a video texture. If you beautify the obfuscated JavaScript code, you can clearly see the usage. I don’t think there is another technique to recognize new video data.