How to offset sprite rather than texture

Is there any function to offset a sprite from the position. I’m trying using the texture.offset but it modifies the pixels itself. I’d like to have the behavior of the texture.offset without any distorting.

The red dot is where I want the blue sprite:

If I rotate…:

The behavior of the texture.offset is perfect, but this is what I get:

Have you considered to just add the sprite to a Group object and then transform the sprite relative to the group? Check out this live example for more details:

Since three.js does not support pivot points, the usual workaround is to use an instance of THREE.Group as a parent. Transforming the geometry is the other approach however this does not work with sprites.

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Tried, but does not work as expected when rotating the camera.

I’m trying it also playing with texture.offset and texture.repeat but without success. Is there any other solution or technique? I’m a bit lost here.

I can make a PlaneGeometry that faces the camera to simulate a sprite. But have no idea how to change the geometry to achieve the offset/pivot-point effect. Any example?