How to move line along with mouse but in perpendicular direction

I have drawn polyshape geometry using lines. I want to move each line along mouse but in perpendicular direction. If line is parallel to x or y axis we can change x or y value according to that but if line is not parallel to x or y axis how to move that line in the perpendicular direction please. I am not getting any solution. So how to do that? Please find below image to the reffernce

Try to use the following fiddle as a code template:

Some mathematical background:

The idea is to compute a perpendicular vector for each line segment. You can then animate each segment along this vector.


Thank you so much for reply I will try this and update.

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offset is calculating according to time but how to move line along mouse pointer. how to calculate offset according to mouse pointer? I am not getting yet.

how can I move line along mouse cursor?