How to make this kind of shape using ParametricGeometry?


I want to draw a diagram like this, how to implement it using three. js? I feel like it can be implemented using ParametricGeometry. Do you have any guys who have implemented it before

You can use a lookup table for the vertex colors possibly… three.js examples
As for the geometry itself it depends what form your source data for the shape is in… Could you provide more information on this?

To make plausible antenna radiation patterns you need to have the corresponding data that affect the shape. Once you have them, the rest is just to manipulate the vertices and their colors in the geometry. Apart from ParametricGeometry, you may use other geometries too. Here is one fake Q&D pattern (i.e. it does not correspond to measurements or signal estimations). It uses IcosahedronGeometry as a basis.



How to use the icosahedron for the x, y, and z coordinates of some points I have

@chuweiyan What data do you want to build your geometry from?

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my data like this ,I use x, y, and z to represent points in space

That screenshot tells not that much. :thinking:
Maybe this topic will be helpful/useful somehow: Three.js implements the surface of plot? - #15 by prisoner849