How to make soft body interaction

Maybe you have a link to the original so we can better investigate .?

I have just video. I follow this tutorial 12 - 100x speedup for soft body simulations - YouTube
and final project looks very good, but i did not see how to export jsons. If you have any idea please help. I spend so much time on this

I find this, but i am not sure how to add texture and mouse interaction

Did you seen tetragedron making 13 - Writing a Tetrahedralizer for Blender - YouTube
Plugin for blender: (16.7 KB)

Yes yes, i done that part. Now I have to export 3 jsons and repolace it in source code. That is my problem

You have mesh vertices, edges and tetragedronius ?

I do not have, i do not know how to export that information from blender

Export to format obj. In three.js use objLoader. After load into console you can see scene.children[0].geometry.attributes.position is vertices.

Thanks I will try and let you know :smiley:

Or ask that man how he done it via youtube or instagram.

I asked, he said he will do that in future tutorials.

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Here is my glb object WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free
Can you please please please help me to make this hoodie like yellow dragon?

I try plugin for blender and console log obj but no luck

Code have also edges, tetids, tetSurfaceTriIds i dont know how get it

Works not good and with not all models
Elastic change here:

sbConfig.set_viterations( 1 );
sbConfig.set_piterations( 1 ); (600.3 KB)

Thanks :smiley: This help me :smiley:

Some models can be broken. I made model in 3ds max

My 3d model looks terrible, do you know how to fix that part

As i wrote, not all models work good.
You can change values:

const gravityConstant = -5;
createSoftVolume( pre, volumeMass, 10000 );
const bbbMass = 10000;
sbConfig.set_viterations( 1 );
sbConfig.set_piterations( 1 );

it is not clear to me which parameter is used for what. Do you have my 3d model? Please help me get the perfect look

Error for me. Maybe you can use solution from theme