How to make soft body interaction

I need advice on how to make something similar to this in the video. I have glb object.
I thought to work according to this example, but I’m not sure if it’s possible, please help me

Hello! I can only add links

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Thank you so much!!!

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Do you have experience with this tutorials?
I am stuck. I used Tetrahedralizer blender addon, but I cannot export edges, vertex etc like json. In tutorial I can not find instruction for that.

I have not experience. Only links to demo

Do you know any other example? Because this tutorials are not completed yet :sweat: So I do not have very important information how to export verts, tetisd and edges from blender.

No more. Only that Ammo.js softbody volume demo

I will try. Thanks :smiley:

And for hang maybe need like cloth hang. If click down is intersect object,then add hang there and move hang with mouse while not click up.

Interesting, I will try. Thanks a lot!

Maybe you have a link to the original so we can better investigate .?

I have just video. I follow this tutorial 12 - 100x speedup for soft body simulations - YouTube
and final project looks very good, but i did not see how to export jsons. If you have any idea please help. I spend so much time on this

I find this, but i am not sure how to add texture and mouse interaction

Did you seen tetragedron making 13 - Writing a Tetrahedralizer for Blender - YouTube
Plugin for blender: (16.7 KB)

Yes yes, i done that part. Now I have to export 3 jsons and repolace it in source code. That is my problem

You have mesh vertices, edges and tetragedronius ?

I do not have, i do not know how to export that information from blender

Export to format obj. In three.js use objLoader. After load into console you can see scene.children[0].geometry.attributes.position is vertices.

Thanks I will try and let you know :smiley:

Or ask that man how he done it via youtube or instagram.